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Peace Be Upon You.

All praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, greetings and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad S.AW.

The fast pace of ICT era nowadays have built up a good relationship and interaction between the government and the outside world. These advantages have been fully utilized by the government in bridging the gap and minimizing the communication between people to deliver quality service and accurate information at all times.

As a government department and having committed with its duties, the District Land Office Kulai also not lagging behind in this matter. We have a great responsibility to provide quality services to achieve customer satisfaction which is in line with the government's aspiration in producing paperless organization in the future. Efforts shall be carried out with the responsibilities of making reforms in the systems and continuous improvement.

Thus, the development of this Website is implemented at the right time. It is hoped that the public, especially the customers will be able to deal with this department more easily while referring to the accurate and fast information provided.

Finally, I welcome the public, especially the customers to access the site and hopes to gain benefit from it.


Thank you.


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