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To establish an excellent system of land management governance which are in line with legal requirements and the National Development Policy.


·         Organize, manage and govern the activities of the Department and the General Administration;

·         To implement and conduct activities of the departments such as Administration, Personnel, Services and staff of Finance Department;

·         To plan the expenses of the Department through Preparation of Budget, Financial Management t in accordance with regulations and circulars which is enforced regularly.;

·         Human Resource Development and Department of Organizational Structure planning;

·         Plan and manage the government procurement to encourage maximum usage and savings and which served as value added to the governments;

·         Managing disposal of the stock items so that the performance of stock item is not affected, saving of space which can produce a good return to government;

·         Managing the movable assets belonging to the government which includes receivable, registration, utilization, storage, maintenance, disposal, loss and write-off; and  

·         Coordinate the preparation of quarterly reports and annual report for Store Performance and Asset Management for government Asset Management Committee (JKPAK) and Account Management Committee (IMC)


1.     Administration and Finance

2.     Management of Land Disposal

3.     Management of Land Technical

4.     Management of enforcement and the Export of rock material

5.     Management of Land Legislation

6.     Management of Land Development

7.     Management of Strata Ownership


Administration Unit

1.     Ensuring the delivery of notices related to the internal management of land is resolved within 1 working day.

2.     To ensure the reception, registration and distribution of official documents department is resolved within 1 working day.

3.     Managing the delivery of Department’s official letters by mail / hand delivery is resolved within 1 working day.


 Human Resource Unit

1.     Processing and managing the confirmation of appointment of officers and staffs within (3) working days after all conditions are met.

2.     Processing and managing confirmation of position within (3) working days with all conditions of service has been approved.

3.     Processing and managing registration of permanent staff to pensionable service, provided that all requirements have been approved by the committee members within three (3) days.

4.     Processing of applications for approval of Work Liability to be reviewed by the Human Resources Management Division, Office of Johor State Government Secretary within seven (7) day.

5.     Processing applications for overseas trip within the three (3) working days after all conditions are met.

6.     Organizing courses/internal course/ external course within one (1) month from the date of course/training.

7.     Processing within (7) working days for retirement of officer and staffs within 6 months prior to the date of retirement.

Finance Unit

Processig the payment within the stipulated period;

i)      Bills/Invoices (14 days)

ii)     Travelling claim, overtime dan other allowances (7 days upon receiving the complete documents).

iii)     Monthly salaries of officers and employees in accordance with the date specified in the schedule of payments by the Johor State Treasurer

1.     Provide the Reconciliation Statement (flimsy) of monthly expenditure within fourteen (14) days to Johor State Treasurer.

2.      Processing the approval of procurement application through direct purchase except the capital asets and vehicle within three (3) working days.

3.     Managing procurement within the stipulated period:

i)     Direct Purchase (14 days)

ii)    Quotation (60 days)

iii)    Tender (90 days)

       - The issuance of Travelling via Air Warrant after obtaining approval within three (3) working days.



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