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1.         All applications relating to authorization of exports of rocks materials will be ready within the period of TWO months on conditions that all documents attached are fully completed.

2.         The issuance of export coupon will be ready within THREE days.

3.         Preparation and issuance of Approved Export Pass for land and sea will be completed within TEN minutes.

4.         The dealing of compounds payment under section 429B NLC will be completed within ONE day.

5.         We are ready to receive and resolve any issuespertaining to the transfer process and export of rock materials.

6.         Ensuring that every request for assistance regarding the enforcement of rock materials, immediate operation will be carried out on the same day and for the organized operation, action will be taken within ONE week.


7.         Organizing and providing labours and equipments for enforcement action against intruders as required will made available within ONE day.

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