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“I am troubled by two Chiefs, namely Rahmat and Kitam. They came to see me more than twice and asked for my permission to open Batu Pahat. I replied to Rahmat and Kitam,  don’t anyone of you swear that you will not obey his order in future. He replied to me, never. I think you can open Batu Pahat, a place you think that you can turn it into a City…”.

Command by Sultan Abu Bakar to Dato' Muhamad Salleh bin Perang.

The name of Batu Pahat and its origin to trace back through the 15th century legend when the Siamese Army attacked a place where a stone was carved in avillage known as ‘Minyak Beku’ in getting fresh water during their retreat.  During that time, they are being chased by the military under Tun Perak’s leadership, the Prime Minister of Malacca Sultanate. In 1456, the Siamese army led by Admiral Di Chu has occupied Batu Pahat before attacking Malacca. According to some stories, after the Portuguese occupation of Malacca, it is believed that the granite stones used to build the city of A Famosa is obtained from the estuary of Sungai Batu Pahat. Batu Pahat town itself got its name from "carved stone" at the embouchure.

Batu Pahat was well known for its salted fish in those days, before that was it formerly known as the "City Penggaram" which means the "city of salt makers". The city of Penggaram  was opened on  1st January 1984 by Dato 'Mohammed Salleh bin Perang, a bureaucrat who is in-charge of land affairs  as ordered by Sultan Abu Bakar , the sultan who ruled Johor at that time.

Now Batu Pahat continue to develop and emerge as one of the most advanced town in the state of Johor Darul Takzim.



Area : 723 batu persegi (1,872.56 km²)

Coordinate : 1°5' 102°56T



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