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Johor is booming State with a growth rate of 100% for the year 1997.  This rapid development achieved through State Government persistent effort to promote investments especially in the manufacturing sector.

Johor Bahru Land Office Establishment Chronology

Original Land Office was the establishment of the Department of Land and Works in 1874.  In 1883, Department of Survey and Land were separated to become the Department of Survey and Land Department.  In 1990, on the other hand the Public Works and Town and Land Survey Department came to existence .  Finally in 1906, Land Commissioner and Collector of Revenue Position is formed.

Johor Bahru Land Office commenced operations at Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, Bukit Timbalan which is the administrative centre of Johor State Government.  It is located in the Johor Bahru City centre until then moved into the Government Building in JalanDatinHalimah known as Johor Bahru District and Land Office facing the Larkin Transport Complex began on 3 June 1995.

Johor Bahru District and Land Office was officiated by Y.A.B. Dato ' Haji Abdul Ghani bin Othman, the Chief Minister of Johor on 16 August 1996.

Originally, the Kulaijaya Land Office are together under the administration of Johor Bahru Land Office.  Once Kulaijaya declared as one of district in the State of Johor on 27 December 2007, then Kulaijaya Land Office and Johor Bahru Land Office separated.

The Role of Johor Bahru Land Office

The Johor Bahru Land Office holds the role of support and coordination between development agencies in addition to discharging its responsibility to process applications, collect revenue for the Johor State Government and administers laws affecting land.


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