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Praise to Allah, thanks to His Almighty, the administration has succeeded in creating the Portal of Johor Land Administration. The Portal which is a combination of Johor Land and Mines Office, as well as other Land Offices in the District of Johor that will allow the public to deal with government departments, especially in land administration by only using one link.

      This web portal was created as a platform for sharing information on land administration in particular and various other information such as the name of the staff, administrative activities and news in the country in general. It has been the aspiration of this administration to always provide quality, transparent and efficient services to the public. In line with the government slogan which is often touted as "People First, Performance Now", then this is what we will prove to the public that this portal makes it easy for them to deal with government departments, especially land administration.


       I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and staff involved who worked effortlessly to ensure the successfulness operation of this web portal. Finally, it is expected that the construction of this web portal will be an initial step towards the success of e-Government and to ensure that the administration did not miss the opportunity to transform the Land Administration towards an electronic Land administration.

Saya ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kepada para pegawai dan kakitangan yang terlibat dan bertungkus lumus untuk memastikan portal web ini beroperasi dengan jayanya. Akhir kalam,diharapkan melalui pembinaan portal web ini akan menjadi satu langkah permulaan ke arah menjayakan Kerajaan Elektronik dan bagi memastikan pentadbiran ini tidak ketinggalan untuk menjadikan Pentadbiran Tanah ke arah Pentadbiran Tanah Elektronik Menjelang 2013.





Abdul Malik Bin Haji Ismail
Pentadbir Tanah Kluang

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