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Kota Tinggi district located in the Southern Peninsular Malaysia and is the largest district in the state of Johor with an area of 3488.7 square kilometers. The distance of Kota Tinggi is approximately 42km from the city of Johor Bahru. This district has 7 sub-districts and there are more than 200,000 people living in 26 main traditional villages, a network of 117 villages, 31 Felda settlements and 5 new settlements known as KEJORA. The main economic activity of the area is farming such as oil palm, rubber and other agriculture, in addition there are other activities available such as fishing in the coastal area of Sedili. There are also other economic activities such as mining and business.

Kota Tinggi also known as a city of history because of the Sultanate of Johor was founded here. There are many historic Tombs here, including Tomb of Sultan Mahmud (the tomb of the last sultan of Malacca Sultanate), Tomb of Bendahara Tun Habib Abdul Majid, and Tauhid Tomb in the Village of Mausoleum, as well as Tomb of Admiral Bentan in Kelantan Village.

Among the places that can be visited for someone visit Kota Tinggi, is the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls which is located about 16 km from Kota Tinggi. If you like greenery, Kota Tinggi also have the Panti Forest Reserve. In addition, if you want to do hiking, Mount Panti and Mount Muntahak can be the battleground. Beautiful beaches also attracts the tourists. Among the beaches that can be visited such as Desaru, Tanjung Balau, Batu Layar and Sedili. Please do not forget to visit village of ofOrang Asli Kanaq in the village of Sungai Selangi, the only settlement of this nation in the world. 

Department Information

Kota Tinggi Land Office is located in the ground floor and 1, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar. The department is governed by a Land Administrator and assisted by three Assistant Land Administrator, which is situated in three main parts. The primary role of this position is to manage all matters relating to land for the Kota Tinggi district. In addition, the registration of land for Pengerang small area managed by the department for the District Land Office Small Pengerang there is no division of Registry. The department is command-driven by a number of unit/parts;


-       Administration Unit / Financial,

-       Development Unit and Disposal.

-       Registration Unit.

-       Revenue Unit and Enforcement

-       Information Technology Unit.

-       Legal Unit.

Most of the major transaction in Kota Tinggi Land Office is conducted using computerized information and online systems. Computerised Land Registration System (SPTB) and E-Consent is used in the registration. The Johor Land Revenue System (SHTJ) is used in the Revenue division, whilst the E-RMKJ system is used in the division of disposal and development.

Sub-districts under the administration of the State Land Office:

-       District of Ulu Johor River.

-       District of Ulu Sedili Main River.

-       District of Old Johor.

-       District of Kambau.

-       District of Kota Tinggi.

-       District of Sedili Besar.

-       District of  Sedili Kecil


Sub District of Pengerang :

-      District of Pantai Timur

-      District of Pengerang

-      District of Tanjung Surat


Diagram: Map & The Area of Kota Tinggi District and Sub District of Pengerang



Name of District

 Area (Hectares)


Ulu Sungai Johor



Ulu Sungai Sedili Besar



Johor Lama






Kota Tinggi



Sedili Besar



Sedili Kecil



Pantai Timur






Tanjung Surat




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