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The sub district of Labis is located to the south of District of Segamat. In the northern part bordering Pahang, eastern border is sub district of Bekok, in west is bordered by sub districts of Pogoh and Sungai Segamat while in the south is bordered with sub districts of Chaah and Bukit Kepong in Muar District. The sub district of Labis is situated in the small district of Labis and the Segamat District Council of Southern Labis.

Labis is the second largest town in Segamat after Sub District of Bekok with an estimated population of 20,000 people. Chinese is the largest majority in Labis.  Labis is also an agricultural town and is the main rubber producer in Johor.


Labis, nowadays the Town of Labis starts from a small village where the original name was Kampung Paya Merah. Labis name was taken from a type of grass is a favourite food of labi-labi (a turtle). In the early 20th century, British officials have come up for review in the village looking for a new place to be developed in Segamat. British officials were surprised to see so many turtle because he had not seen the animal before. The officer asked the villagers what kind the animal it that, and the villagers answered "labi-labi, sir." Because the officer never heard the name of this animal, then he said, "Labis". means many turtle. After the incident, the British officer officially named this place as Labis.

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