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Praise to Allah, thanks to His Almighty, the administration has succeeded in creating the Portal of Johor Land Administration. The creation of this official portal is an effective method in order to implement a culture of transformation. In addition, the sophistication of the technology nowadays allows all the necessary information can be delivered immediately and to improve the quality of service of the administration, as well as for the convenience of the public in dealings with government departments, especially in land administration by using only one link.

Apart from that this Official Portal can be used as a platform in sharing information pertaining to land administration, the latest information regarding administration such as payment, tax, transaction and others. In addition, it is also easy for the public to download the form and find out other information such as the name of the staff and the activities of the administration. The main objective is to ensure that a better quality information in conveyed, transparency and efficiency to the public.

Finally, I wish to thank for those who has taken their time to visit our Official Portal of Labis Land Office. We are always open to any suggestions and comments from the public in order to improve our quality and productivity of this administration in delivering our services to the public.




Haji Muhamad Syahrizat Bin Alwee
(Assistant Land Administrator of Labis)

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