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The name Tangkak is synonymous with the famous Mount Ledang and is also one of the main attraction of Johor's tourism.

The District of Tangkak is a new area consisting of 10 districts in the State of Johor officially became a new area on 09th June 2008,  equivalent to 05 Muharram 1429H and inaugurated by the Sultan of Johor was triumphantly. The overall a total area of 239.751 acres, or 97.024 acres. According to the  population census of 132.778 people. Its strategic position in which it is located in the heart of Johor bordering Malacca, Pahang and Johor. The District of Tangkak has 6 sub-districts, namely Tangkak, Gersik, Bukit Serampang, Kundang and Kesang.

The Tangkak Land Office governance is under the Land Administrator who is acting as the Chairman of the Department and assisted by the Assistant of land administrator and the implementers of grades 1 to 29. There are Six Main Divisions to carry out the functions and responsibilities assigned to them in ensuring the smooth running of the administration as follows:

·         Development & Disposal Division

·         Registration Division

·         Revenue & Enforcement Division

·         Division of Administration & Finance

·         Division of Information Technology

·         Legal Division

In line with the current system, application of modern technology and computerized technology is established. Various businesses have already been computerized and the transaction is done online. Among the systems used is the Computerised Land Registration System (PTB), Johor Land Revenue System (SHTJ), SPEKS, HRMIS, E-Answer and the Summary of Meeting System of Johor Government  (E_RMKJ).

 If someone wants to pay land tax from other areas, the payment can be made at Ledang Land Office. This is due to the payment of taxes in the state of Johor have already been standardized and each area is interconnected with each other via online system.


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