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Welcome to the Official Portal of Tangkak District Land Office. The portal provides comprehensive official services and information especially related to land administration in compliance with the policies and laws fixed by the department. The Duties and responsibilities must also comply with the policies set by the State Government from time to time.

The Official Portal of Tangkak District Land Office is one of the main catalysts in the management and administration of land in the state of Johor through the official Portal link of Johor Land Administration i.e. www.ptj.johor.gov.my. The main tasks performed by this department such us processing of land applications, register of land, safe keeping of the document title, receiving and processing the registration of all transactions and non-trading activities, as well as monitoring and enforcement of land at Tangkak district level.

This portal will also be one of the most important medium for distributing information to consumers on matters relating to land, activities and current events in this department in a fast and efficient manner.

I am pleased to welcome any suggestions, complaints, and positive feedback to improve the quality of service of the administration through the District Land Office's Official Portal which is in line with the department's motto, i.e. "One Spirit, One Vision"

Finally, I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to all officers and employees of the District Land Office of Tangkak who are committed with their task and responsibilities in achieving the goal as a referral center for the management land administration in the state of Johor.

Please visit our Official Website of Tangkak District Land Office. Thank you.





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